—- The North —-


Logen Ninefingers’ party is attacked by Flathead/Shanka and separated. He barely escapes. A northman whose people were butchered by the Shanka. He can speak to the dying spirits of old, who inform him that a magus seeks him.

Malacus Quai, apprentice of Magus Bayaz. From the old empire. Sent by his master to find Logen and bring him to the Great Northern Library

—- the House of Questions —-

Arch Lector Sult, the Arch Lector of His Majesty’s Inquisition and one of the most powerful men in the Union. Cool blue eyes, unflappable. “so brilliantly spotless were his long white coat, his white gloves, his shock of white hair. He was past sixty, but showed none of the infirmity of age. Every tall, clean-shaven, fine-boned inch of him was immaculately turned out.”

Superior Kalyne “A vast, florid man in his late fifties, he had over-compensated for his thinning hair with magnificent white side whiskers. He was considered a daunting presence even within the Inquisition”

Inquisitor Glokta, limping with pain and loathing of stairs, missing his front teeth. Has been an Inquisitor for 6 years. “A nobleman, from an excellent family. A champion swordsman, a dashing cavalry officer. A man once groomed for the very top”. Taken prisoner during the War, tortured, spent 2 years in the Emperor’s prisons.

Practical Frost, a large stolid, unblinking albino who wears the half-mask of the Practical. Pink eyes. Speaks w/ lisp.

Practical Severard, masked, long lanky hair, smiles a lot,

—- the Guild of Mercers —-

Salem Rews, member of the Guild of Mercers being questioned for tax fraud. Once called a friend by Glotka, who later tortures him and extracts a false confession. He is shipped off to Angland.

Sepp dan Teufel, Master of the Royal Mints. A powerful man from a powerful family and one of the Union’s most trusted officials. Sult wants him arrested for treason on trumped-up charges and recruits Glokta to force a false confession from Salem Rews.

—- the Halls Martial —-

Lord Marshal Varuz

Major Collem West, low-born. First through the breach at Ulrioch. Knows Glotka.

Captain Jezal dan Luthar, arrogant and proud, of a wealthy family whose patriarch bought his captaincy.

Lieutenant Kaspa, bearded, “good-humoured young man but an oaf of a card player”, “father was one of the biggest landowners in the Union.” Jezal thinks him a likeable idiot.

Lieutenant Jalenhorm, brawny, quick-tempered

Lieutenant Brint

Ardee West

Bremer dan Gorst


the Guild of Mercers
the House of Questions
the Inquisition

Knights Herald. entrusted to carry messages from the King to every part of the Union. speak with the King’s voice, and so forbidden from speaking except on the King’s business.

—- PLACES —-

Adua. the Agriont

Angland. Superior Goyle is the man in charge there. “A filthy sink of violence and corruption. A prison where we have made slaves of the innocent and guilty alike in the name of freedom. A stinking hole where we send those we hate and those we are ashamed of to die of hunger, and disease, and hard labour.”


Circle Sea




Harod the Great. In the dark ages, before there was a Union, he fought to bring the Three Kingdoms together. He was the first High King.
Bayaz, the First of the Magi. Harod’s most trusted advisor. There is still a vacant seat kept for him in the Closed Council.