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The Blade Itself

---- The North ---- Bethod. Logen Ninefingers' party is attacked by Flathead/Shanka and separated. He barely escapes. A northman whose people were butchered by the Shanka. He can speak to the dying spirits of old, who inform him that a magus seeks him. Malacus Quai, apprentice of Magus Bayaz. From the old empire. Sent [...]

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Woodland period

1000 BCE—European contact. the Woodland period of North American pre-Columbian cultures spanned a period from roughly 1000 BCE to European contact in the eastern part of North America, with some archaeologists distinguishing the Mississippian period, from 1000 CE to European contact as a separate period.[1] The term "Woodland Period" was introduced in the 1930s as [...]

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Serpent Mound

The Great Serpent Mound is a 1,348-foot (411 m)-long, three-foot-high prehistoric effigy mound on a plateau of the Serpent Mound crater along Ohio Brush Creek in Adams County, Ohio. Maintained within a park by the Ohio History Connection, it has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of Interior. The Serpent [...]


The Adena culture was a Pre-Columbian Native American culture that existed from 1000 to 200 BC, in a time known as the Early Woodland period. The Adena culture refers to what were probably a number of related Native American societies sharing a burial complex and ceremonial system. The Adena lived in an area including parts [...]

Roleplaying Games For Kids

A very simple RPG consisting of opposed die rolls using a d12, while encouraging kids to think creatively, perform simple arithmetic, and have fun! Hero Kids is an award-winning fantasy RPG for boys and girls aged from 4-10. Little Wizards is a storytelling RPG for inventive and inquisitive kids ages 6 [...]

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Reading List

The 50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time — by Staff at PitchforkThe Dead End of Identity Politics — by Douglas at The South LawnThe Great Recession Clearly Gave Rise To Right-Wing Populism — by Ryan Cooper for The WeekHow Wartime Washington Lives in Luxury — by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos for The American ConservativeLiberals and Diversity — by Matt Breunig for MediumOrganize [...]

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Vox Politics

People have good reason for not trusting fact-checkers and wonks. That is because they lie. And they torment people with those lies, by portraying disagreement as an irrational refusal to acknowledge objective empirical truth. They treat political disputes as questions of fact rather than value, and steadfastly refuse to acknowledge their own considerable biases. — [...]

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Boost government internal capacity and salaries because…

Data compiled by Daniel Markovits, a professor at Yale University’s School of Law, show that a member of Congress who became a lobbyist in 1960 earned about the same as he had in government. Today, he or she can easily expect to make ten times as much. — Alec MacGillis MacGillis, Alec. "The Democrats’ Fight [...]

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Let’s Purge All the Political Hacks on Cable News

Promoting the interests of politicians is just what political operatives do. But the practice of paying operatives who personally benefit from the success of certain candidates/narratives to make ostensibly earnest, objective declarations about American politics is an absurd one. — Ben Mathis-Lilley Mathis-Lilley, Ben. "Why Stop at Donna Brazile? Let's Purge All the Political Hacks [...]

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